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Sarafu is a digital B2B commerce platform that allows retail shop owners to manage their supply chains, order products, track shipments and gain access to other business services including credit. Sarafu, which means “coin” in swahili, is designed to enable greater opportunities for business users to transact and manage their operations more a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Retail shop owners in East Africa can face a range of issues in procuring and managing their supply chains. Given the informal nature of the economy and overall lack of transparency around the availability of products in the market, retail business owners can struggle to obtain access to goods that their customers demand. These challenges typically result from the informal wholesaler/distributor networks that form between manufacturers and retail shop owners. Sarafu seeks to create efficiencies around these transactions by better managing payments, deliveries, communication and transparency around pricing.

The opportunities to transact and build businesses in East Africa can be further enhanced through better trust, reliability and transparency between transacting parties. Sarafu seeks to play a role in enabling this process.


Mobile Payments


AzamPesa is a mobile wallet company based in Tanzania (license forthcoming). The company was founded in 2018 for the purposes of supporting AzamPay’s overall digital commerce and payments ecosystem in Tanzania. While AzamPesa will allow customers to undertake similar transactions to other wallet providers in the country, it’s primary focus to facilitate retailers and consumers to transact digitally. While the value proposition for P2P payments has been made clear by the success of mobile wallets in the region, AzamPesa will further segment the market to enable economic rationale for the adoption of digital financial tools into the everyday purchases of Tanzanians.

AzamPesa will be dedicated to facilitating financial inclusion for underserved communities. We plan to accomplish this through a combination of value focused payments and natural incentives to transact digitally and enter into the formal financial community.

Sarafu Transport

Digital Freight Transport Platform


Sarafu Transport is a digital freight transport platform that connects truck owners and operators with shippers to create efficiency in the freight transport market in East Africa. The freight transport in East Africa is largely informal and is comprised of a wide range of private operators moving cargo within different countries and across the region.